12 Aug, 2017

Equipment Specialist- At IndiaPlays

Buying a Customized Racket, can be confusing for most people because of plethora of options available; and if that was not enough, multiple variants for a single product can be a daunting task for anyone. So how to chose your best fit Customized Racket ?  A customized racket would involve chosing the blade and the rubbers seperately before they can be assembled into one racket. So effectively we have to 1) Chose a Right Blade for our game-style and 2) Chose the rubber suited to our game and also complimenting with the blade to be assembled with.

Stay tuned! in our next section we will discuss on what blades and rubbers to go for in order to have a Customized Racket that will best suit your game and will go a long way in developing your Table-Tennis skill set.

12 Nov, 2017

Equipment Specialist- At IndiaPlays


If you are just starting out as a  beginner  and typically want to play Table-Tennis just  for social/recreational purposes. Then for you, pre-assembled, also called Ready-made rackets will do just fine. Although this will keep you engaged in the game at recreational level, you may not find suitable if you objective is to develop and eventually master Table-Tennis skills.  For such purposes your option will be to opt for  Customized Rackets.

Having developed a liking for the game and been playing for a year or so,  you should ideally opt for Customized Racket.  Not only will it help you improve your game, it will also ensure that you are able to achieve all the skillset required in the game of Table-Tennis like TopSpin, Chop, Flick, Smash etc….   Customized racket is almost mandatory for anyone who would like to compete at any Tournament.  

Now what type of Customized Racket should you choose is a Million Dollar Question, which we have at best tried to Summarize at out  next post!