Product Code : DoBSZ1
Brand : Donic
Available Quantity : 2
4500 3295

The Bluestorm offers noticeably greater dynamics with more power.   Advanced Technolgy for the next level of the game!


A considerably thinner upper rubber, which is under correspondingly high tension, leaves room for a thicker sponge, which brings even more power. The Bluestorm offers noticeably greater dynamics with the same spin and speed characteristics, which is a sign of the trend.The thinnest sponge here is 1.9 mm, the average sponge thickness is 2.1 mm - and the thickest version is called max +, because this sponge is even thicker than in the usual Max versions. 

The Bluestorm is available in three versions - find your Bluestorm! 

Control 7-

Tempo 10 +++

Spin 10 +++

Hardness: Medium +

Surface: Spin-Elast.